Beauty: speckled nail polish

My nails are never polished. I work with my hands so as soon as I get a manicure the polish chips off within a day.
I love the idea of fun nail art though and one thing I’m obsessed with right now is speckled nail polish. It’s simple enough for me to do at home (I’m not very girlie so I like my beauty products to be as simple as possible) and looks pretty cool. My favorite one is the Illamasqua Speckled Nail Varnish for $16 at Sephora. It comes in five different shades, I like them all!
Etsy also sells a Speckled Egg polish for around $9 and there’s also the Deborah Lippmann “Rockin Robin” shade for $19 through Birchbox.
Try them out! I’ve been walking around all day starring at my nails like a goober because its so darn pretty.




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