Collaboration: NBA Finals talk with Leon Rogers


Sports have never been my forte. Ever since I got hit in the face with a football in the 10th grade my interests in sports has decreased. You could call me your typical girl who doesn’t know jack about sports but I’ve tried hard to keep up with this seasons NBA Finals. Tonight is game 7 between the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs. Here’s my predictions and outlook on tonight’s game.
I hate the Heat.
I hate Heat fans.
They annoy me and I want them to lose.
Chris Bosh runs like a 13 year old girl in gym class.
Lebron James’ hairline is distracting.
I dislike Chris Anderson. So much.
I’m a Bulls fan and since they’re out Im rooting for the Spurs. I’m predicting the Spurs will win by 12 points. I’m predicting Lebron will cry and Bosh will sneak into the Spurs locker room to pour champagne all over his face again.
-Ash Nycole

“Now contrary to the aforementioned cutie that wrote her piece before me, I am an avid sports fan. From cricket to World Cup soccer I watch it all. Trust me when I say I’ve rode the bench at every level; grade school, high school, college and rec league so I studied the games!
Ashley says she was struck with a football so that explains her lack of knowledge of the 5 on 5 sport of basketball. Three things in her soliloquy ring true though:
1. It is game 7
2. Lebron’s hairline is very distracting (go bald bro)
3. Chris Bosh will probably do something suspect with a bottle of champagne bottle regardless who wins.
With that out of the way I’ll say this……
Miami will win game 7 because they have the greatest player in the universe, the history hairlined Lebron James (it goes way back). Not to mention they have this little thing called home court advantage. The Spurs had there chance Tuesday June 18th when they had a 5 point lead with 30 something odd seconds left in regulation.
So game 7 Lebron will have 30 points, Dwade will go for 24 and the Heat will have won the last 2 of 3 championships in the NBA.
Oh yeah and Ash, remember when playing with balls you never want to catch them with your face. Unless you’re in Vegas then well you know what happens in Vegas….”
-Leon Rogers

*Leon Rogers is a touring comedian and a radio personality for 107.5 WGCI’s Morning Riot. You can catch him every weekday from 5am-9am*


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