Entertainment: Andre 3000 to star in Jimi Hendrix biopic

Since I was 12 years old I’ve always thought Andre 3000 from the rap duo “Outkast” was the coolest dude on the freakin planet. So I was excited when I heard last year that he would be playing Jimi Hendrix in the biopic “All is by my side”.
Based on an original screenplay from John Riley (“Red Tails,””Three Kings”); “All is by my side” is the story of Jimi Hendrix being discovered, falling in love and becoming Jimi. The movie takes place in England in 1966-1967 when Hendrix recorded “Are You Experienced”. Production began in late May of this year in Ireland where the producer claims it is “easier to recreate the look of 1960’s England”. The film is based on interviews and archival materials from that time.
Jimi Hendrix fans have waited years for a biopic but Hendrix’s estate is resistant to support. His estate, Experience Hendrix LLC, has no plans to support the film “All is by my side”. This means the film isn’t allowed to have any actual Hendrix music.
The film will feature songs Hendrix covered in his early years such as tunes from The Beatles and Muddy Waters. I’m excited to her Andre’s new recordings for the film. He’s hands down the best choice to play Hendrix.
Producers are hoping to take the film to Sundance and release it in theaters next year so keep an eye out for it.



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