Style: Tie-Dye

I don’t always agree with what’s “in” but one trend Im loving this summer is tie-dye everything. Shirts, dresses, pants, bags, even nails; Im obsessed with psychedelic prints that walk the line between hippie and high fashion. My love for tie-dye started last fall with the Dope.Boy.Magic tie-dye hoodie. I own two and I wear one of them almost every day. Dope.Boy.Magic is a Chicago based company owned by my friend Joe (@JoeFreshgoods). Each hoodie is hand dyed which means no two are alike.


Dope.Boy.Magic has also played with tie-dye for their spring/summer release with this super dope long sleeve tee. Hit up to get yours.


Another company I like for tie-dye prints is Everland Clothing. The tie-dye Philadelphia Freedom skirt is super cute and available for $48 on their site.


Urban Outfitters also has a tie-dye jumpsuit for $69 that’s perfect for any street fest or you can throw on a blazer and wear it to dinner.
Bleached tie-dye denim is also in right now and Im currently saving up to get these Joe’s Jeans Skinny in Jonni. Love love love them!


I want to try doing the bleached tie-dye look on some pieces I already have but am afraid I’ll mess in up. Tie-dye is dope because it’s versatile. It’s not just for grungy hippies anymore; modern cuts have given it new life and Im loving it.


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