Feature: Sean Mac x Casket Collection

I had never heard of “cult fashion lux street wear” until I became familiar with Sean Mac and his Casket Collection. The Casket Collection is a brand focused on nothing but the aesthetics; that being the mind and emotions in relation to the sense of beauty. I spoke to Sean briefly about his vision for the Casket Collection and what inspired him to take the leap from music to fashion.

Growing up Sean Mac was an inquisitive only child. He was creative and wanted to know about everything; especially fashion.
“At 13 I would take my pants to be tailored” says Sean. Fit and the way clothes feel have always been important to him. The 90’s were a great era for fashion and played an important role in molding Sean’s sense of style. Now, in his early 30’s he feels this is the right time to try his hand at designing.

“I wanted to give everyone an opportunity to be fresh” says Sean,”the line is clean and simple, it’s for all walks of life.”


The Casket Summer 13 Collection features street wear staples as well as some pieces inspired by athletics. His grandfather coached sports when he was a kid and Sean thinks “athletics are inspiring when mixed with fashion.” The Summer 13 Collection showcases Sean’s favorite color, black.

“I’m a go-getter and a street nigga” Sean explains, “I wanted to keep the line positive and clean. Black is a powerful/beautiful color. It’s timeless.”

“Black Fog” The Casket Summer 13 Collection runway show is tomorrow from 7pm-10pm. The event is sponsored by Hennessy and you must RSVP to attend.

“People are still trying to understand/see through Casket which is why I called it Black Fog” says Sean. With an appropriate title and a dope collection I’m excited to see the runway show tomorrow evening. I will be walking around snapping photos, say hi!




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