Style: Summer Day Party Looks

People love day drinking when the weather gets warm, but what exactly should you wear to these day time shin digs? I enlisted the help of style blogger Zahra Sandberg to get an idea as to what’s hot for summer fashion and what looks are day party appropriate.
“When dressing for a day party, always remember to layer” says Zahra. “If you are going to be outdoors keep it cool in a light cotton dress in a bright color like yellow, which is really hot right now. Bring along a denim jacket or an army green anorak to throw on when the sun goes down.”
Layering is especially important here in Chicago because our weather is so unpredictable. Keeping a jacket or a hat in the car will help you avoid being too cold or having the wind wreck havoc on your hair. A classic day party look you’re sure to see all summer long is the maxi dress.
Zahra explains, “A maxi dress is a classic staple. My favorite way of dressing it up is by layering jewelry.” Zahra loves to layer a chunky chain necklace with another dainty diamond necklace, then pick a fun mix of bangles and bracelets to stack on both wrists.
Maxi dresses are versatile and a simple, but one tip I would give is to keep the fabric of the dress and your underwear choice in mind. Panty lines are unattractive, when in doubt wear a thong. Also make sure your dress isn’t too thin or transparent. Day parties are in the day (duh) and so sunlight is a factor. Don’t be that girl whose oblivious to the fact that your dress is see through.
One thing that’s debate able is whether heels are appropriate for day parties. You want to look good but not like you tried too hard. I live in combat boots so heels are just too fancy for my taste. Zahra sees things a little differently.
“Heels are ALWAYS appropriate in my opinion” says Zahra. “However, if you are worried about sinking into the grass at your outdoor party try a wedge instead of a stiletto heel. A chunkier block heel is also very trendy and also very comfortable to wear all day, or for a day with a lot of walking.”
I hope these tips will help you wile staring at your wardrobe this weekend. Remember: layer, accessorize, keep it simple and say yes to heels.

Zahra Sandberg is a stylist and editor of the personal style blog LoveZahra


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