Feature: Dj spotlight of the month: Dj Protege

Working in the nightclub industry you meet a lot of interesting people but none quite like Charles Protege. Diverse dj, loving father and comedian; Protege is the perfect person to kick off my dj of the month series.


I first encountered Protege during his residency at The Shrine last year. What made me pay attention to him was how his sets were diverse but kept the crowd moving.
“As the dj it’s my job to make you dance but also coach you” says Protege. He makes a conscious effort to educate people on different musical genres. He also boasts being “one of the first black dj’s to play pop for an urban club”.

Born and raised in Chicago, Protege was inspired by house music. To this day he still remembers the moment when he wanted to start spinning.
“I was at a BBQ one day and Dj Boolumaster was on the radio. People didn’t stop dancing for an hour. Right then I decided to wanted to make people dance”.
Some Chicago artist Protege listens to now include Chance the Rapper, Rockie Fresh and Mic Terror. His all time favorite is Chicago legend Common.

A major part of Protege’s life is raising his daughter. Protege is a very involved father and when asked if he had any advice for other young fathers he cites karma as a factor in how he lives.
“Karma is generational”, says Protege, “I’ve stopped doing things that could come back to haunt my daughter. Treat the women you’re around as you’d want your daughter treated”.


You can catch Dj Protege at Network Cyber Bar (810 N. Clark) on Sundays from 3pm-9pm and Tuesdays from 10pm-2am. Network is a beautiful lounge-style bar with great food and good drink specials. He’ll also be at the Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas for Labor Day Weekend.


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