Feature: “Art is for the people” A look at Brave New Art World

One thing I’ve always liked about Chicago is its art scene. There’s no shortage of talent here and the support provided by the community is genuine. One organization doing its part to make people conscious about art is Brave New Art World.

Brave New Art World was founded in May of this year as an arts unification movement. The group consists of 12 core members including photographer Lloyd Thomas Johnson, better known as Flow. Flow has been with Brave New Art World since June. He does events management where his responsibilities include choosing musical acts and vendors.
“The arts and the art world is far more important than people give it credit for” explains Flow, “it helps mind, body and soul and to not take advantage of it, or even worse, to not have access to it, is tragic”.
One of Brave New Art World’s purposes that really speaks to me is to engage and cultivate the public interests and access to art. This organization opens your eyes to galleries and exhibits you may have never known about. Art is inspirational and in a copy/paste world we live its refreshing to experience something different.
“Through Brave New Art World we have the ability to put art into the hands of people who may not be able to afford it or often times feel uncomfortable with where most of it is sold” says Flow, “We’ve done a lot to take the pretentiousness out of art shows and art in general”.
In addition to cultivating an interest in art Brave New Art World also provides a supportive community for all artist. Talking to Flow he stressed the importance of people supporting each other for the arts community to grow.
Brave New Art World does an art crawl each month in the River North area. The art crawl is free and features live music, food and beverage survey, critical talks and much more. I definitely recommend checking it out!

“There is no limit to the value of art” says Flow, “no matter how abstract, confusing or weird it all has a place as long as it inspires even one person”.

Learn more about Brave New Art World by visiting their website

Also follow Flows twitter and sites


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