Stay drunk on writing….

I have been stuck creatively. 

Life has been heavy. Everything has been heavy and tiring and disorienting. But these feelings have to pass. You either change or stay stagnant and being stagnant is death. I think one of the reasons things have been like this is because I’ve tried to work within these imaginary guidelines. Tumblr is for my fiction/prose, this blog is for more journalistic writing and my notebook is for all of my random thoughts that don’t fit into a category. So to get things moving again I’ve come up with a plan. 

Stop thinking so fucking much and just write. 

It’s very easy for one to become lost in their own mind. It’s a familiar and safe place but uninspiring if you don’t venture out sometimes. The things you will read here from this point forward is me, venturing out. 

– Ash 


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