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Skinny man, fat dreams: A spotlight on Chicago creative Desmoney

Sometimes you meet people who are electric. Who are rare and doing things that are not only cool, but important. South side native Desmond Tutu Owusu (Des for short) is building and if you’re smart, you’re paying attention. Des has been lending his fresh perspectives to photography for two years now with a portfolio including Nike, Complex and recently, a children’s book called Too Fly Not To Fly.  


“I was messing around with the iPhone and I was getting better, getting good and Trash (Trashhand) was telling me “Yo, you should make this a serious hobby”. I came by his crib and he let me borrow his (Canon) Mark III for 3-4 weeks and after he saw the shots he told me to really think about getting a camera. I bought my first camera July 2014, a Canon Rebel T5i”.

Des’ photography centers around human interaction and urban settings. He gravitates towards anything concerning life and works at becoming better at his craft constantly. In the two years I’ve seen Des grow as a photographer what he’s gained the most is a confidence in himself.

“I trust my ideas more” he says, “I’m not afraid to make mistakes right now. I’m comfortable with myself and my ideas”.

Through his lens you see an honest and somewhat softer side of Chicago. This can be seen in his work for Too Fly Not To Fly, an alphabet book created by him and writer/teacher Briana McLean. The book is meant to spark discussions for children and help them critically examine issues affecting their lives. Since the release in early June the book has done extremely well, selling out within a few days.

“The reaction we got from a lot of people was that the book was a breath of fresh air,” says Des “the kids felt like stars. We wanted to give them something to be a part of and feel proud of”.
young gifted and black

Des explores the city with his camera and a purpose; unifying a city that is constantly being torn apart.

“We got so much culture here but it’s so fucking segregated. The segregation within the city affects how Chicagoans treat each other. With my photography I want to show people that we’re the same”.

This idea of unification and love shows up not only in his photography, but in his clothing campaigns, including the “Chicago Girls Do It Better” tee that drops today online and in store. Des has worked with his friends Vic, Joe and Terrell in clothing design for quite some time now, each one with their own projects that are unified by the store Fat Tiger Workshop. Since an image of the shirt was posted on social media earlier this week the demand for it has an been insurmountable.

“Chicago women don’t get no love and I feel like we got some dope ass ladies here. This is something to encourage our women. I love them and want them to be the best”.


The “Chicago Girls Do It Better” tee will be available online or at Fat Tiger Workshop (1043 W. Grand) today at 12pm central. Follow Des on Twitter @_desmoney for more info.


Style: Tie-Dye

I don’t always agree with what’s “in” but one trend Im loving this summer is tie-dye everything. Shirts, dresses, pants, bags, even nails; Im obsessed with psychedelic prints that walk the line between hippie and high fashion. My love for tie-dye started last fall with the Dope.Boy.Magic tie-dye hoodie. I own two and I wear one of them almost every day. Dope.Boy.Magic is a Chicago based company owned by my friend Joe (@JoeFreshgoods). Each hoodie is hand dyed which means no two are alike.


Dope.Boy.Magic has also played with tie-dye for their spring/summer release with this super dope long sleeve tee. Hit up http://www.thedopeboymagicshop.bigcartel.com to get yours.


Another company I like for tie-dye prints is Everland Clothing. The tie-dye Philadelphia Freedom skirt is super cute and available for $48 on their site.


Urban Outfitters also has a tie-dye jumpsuit for $69 that’s perfect for any street fest or you can throw on a blazer and wear it to dinner.
Bleached tie-dye denim is also in right now and Im currently saving up to get these Joe’s Jeans Skinny in Jonni. Love love love them!


I want to try doing the bleached tie-dye look on some pieces I already have but am afraid I’ll mess in up. Tie-dye is dope because it’s versatile. It’s not just for grungy hippies anymore; modern cuts have given it new life and Im loving it.


Beauty: speckled nail polish

My nails are never polished. I work with my hands so as soon as I get a manicure the polish chips off within a day.
I love the idea of fun nail art though and one thing I’m obsessed with right now is speckled nail polish. It’s simple enough for me to do at home (I’m not very girlie so I like my beauty products to be as simple as possible) and looks pretty cool. My favorite one is the Illamasqua Speckled Nail Varnish for $16 at Sephora. It comes in five different shades, I like them all!
Etsy also sells a Speckled Egg polish for around $9 and there’s also the Deborah Lippmann “Rockin Robin” shade for $19 through Birchbox.
Try them out! I’ve been walking around all day starring at my nails like a goober because its so darn pretty.